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Why do I write?

Why do I write?

Storytelling is my cruise ship, my pen is my compass, and my imagination is my wind. I go where my sails take me, and through writing, I get to invite people to join me in my trips.  

As a storyteller, my ultimate goal is to bring my readers to different worlds through my words. There's a myriad of kaleidoscope colors, skies, and seas inside me, and it's only through the ink of my pen do I get to share the the worlds that only I can see deep within. 

By reading my works, you sail through different adventures with me. 

What do I write?

my projects 

De Villa Series

De Villa Series

I write romance, teen fiction,  fantasy, and epistolary stories.

My stories mostly revolve on self-love, character development, healing, second chances, and forgiveness. I don't write for kilig or ships. Instead, I write about flawed characters and take them on an entire journey of growth, acceptance, and new perspectives.


I'm not a perfect writer. I'm constantly growing and learning, and each story is like the wind to me — they take me to uncharted territories, and I never know where I'll end up. Every journey is a starting point, a discovery and a chance to explore a part of me that I haven't met before.


As I write, I also flourish. It's my hope that my readers find comfort in my stories and feel the same.

The DV series is a collection of stories about the De Villa family. Mostly romance, but each title will explore different characters with their own story to tell. 




This is a collaboration series with NayinK and Pilosopotasya consisting of 9 girls, 9 stories, 3 trilogies. Check out my epistolary stories under this project entitled Midnight Ladies.



I call my readers as CNAGs because they are the tiny pieces of sunlight that bring joy to me.

Meanwhile, Alons are the name of the readers of #YChronicles, derived from a witty wordplay I made some time ago. 

When I began writing years ago, I didn't think it was possible for me to get readers that would truly love my stories. 

I was content to write solely for myself, but then you came and made a difference in my writing journey.  


Your presence in my life is the greatest gift ever and I'll never stop appreciating you for the consistent support that you bless me with. 


To my sunshines and waves, thank you for sticking with me through thick and thin. You all matter to me more than you can ever realize. 

You're the reason why I can still do what I love to do. Because of you, I've found the motivation to keep my passion burning. 

You make my writing journey meaningful and fun. So thank you, thank you! I made this new blog for you, so I can share more of my writing life and processes with you. 

There'll be more stories to come!


Cheers, to all of you!

exclusive songs from milly of #YChronicles

about me


Christian | INFJ | Capricorn| She/Her

Hi there! I'm Chie. I’m a Psychology graduate and an aspiring storyteller based in Manila. I work as a Content Specialist at Wattpad WEBTOON Studios, where I get to mix my hobbies and passion 8 hours a day, 5x a week. As a Content Specialist, I source and surface up-and-coming & trending stories and creators and look for good publishing and entertainment opportunities for them. 

When I'm not working, I'm spending my time worshipping the risen LORD, annoying my family, and crafting sparkling stories from my overly wild imagination.

As a storyteller, I explore different styles and format of writing. Most often, I'm in the clouds, thinking of different ways on how I can best bring out the stories I want to share. I believe that fiction is a way to travel between worlds through words, and I aspire to inspire more dreamers and travelers through my craft.  

I mostly write about fantasy, teen fiction, and romance. If you're new to my content, sit back and enjoy because we're gonna travel, one world at a time!


Happy reading and keep creating good cheers, sunshines! 

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